Are Escort Pictures on the Website Real?

One of the most common questions customers have is whether the escort in the picture will be the one who arrives at the hotel room. If you’re dealing with a reputable escort service, the answer is no. Before you get upset, consider that there are some very good reasons for not posting images of actual escorts. For the most part they have to do with security or privacy, not modesty.

Escorts are happy to show their customers everything they have to offer when they’re together one-on-one in a hotel room. But they would rather not have their pictures out there where every pervert in the world can identify them and possibly stalk them. After all, unlike strippers who perform in clubs guarded by big bouncers, escorts travel alone to hotels where they perform in a stranger’s room. Las Vegas is a busy town and the last thing an escort wants is to be recognized and accosted by a stranger on the way to an appointment.

Likewise, although escort services are legal in Las Vegas, a lot of hotel-casinos publicly frown on having them on their properties. They would prefer you stayed in the casino instead of having fun in your room. Publishing actual photos on the web would make it easy for security to spot and deny access to escorts.

Privacy is another concern. While some escorts also work as strippers, others hold down more typical daytime jobs including sales, marketing, service industry, education and more. Escorts would generally prefer that their husbands, families, friends, co-workers or employers not see them advertised on an escort website as it could jeopardize their relationships or careers.

So what’s the deal with the pictures on an escort website? Unfortunately, a lot of escort services simply post provocative photos of models with little care as to whether they can actually fulfill a request. All they’re interested in is getting you to call so they can take your money. To paraphrase, you make your bed and they’ll send who ever they want to lie in it.

Not to worry. Established agencies with reputations to protect actually post images that bare a close resemblance to the escorts they have available. This is especially true of escort agencies that have a “return” policy like Girls Direct To You. Their business model is based on complete customer satisfaction, so they do their best to ensure the escort who arrives at your hotel looks as close to the photo on the website as possible. (See our return policy in the terms and conditions section.)

In general, it is best to use the model photos on the website as a starting point then review the detailed description of your preferred escort before booking. Girls Direct To You offers detailed instructions on how to book escorts.

What about websites that supposedly publish actual escort photos? After reading this article you should realize that any girl stupid enough to put her picture on an escort website or any agency irresponsible enough to put their talent at risk by publishing actual photos isn’t worth your trouble.

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  1. Hunter L.

    I ordered an escort from the Girls Direct To You website. I’m not naive enough to believe the pictures are actually the girls they send. As the blog says, there are some pretty good reasons why, not the least of which is my privacy. After all, if the girl’s picture is all over the web and hotel security recognizes her, they’ll know what I’m up to and I’d prefer they did not. Suffice to say, the girl who arrived actually looked a lot like the girl in the picture. In fact, she was more attractive. My best advice is to book with a reputable agency, pick a girl based loosely on the photo with an emphasis on the description, then sit back and have a great time.


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