Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions concerning how to hire a Las Vegas escort. If you have more questions, please call us at 702-798-9606. We’ll be happy to provide all the information you need to arrange your dream date with a sexy call girl in Las Vegas.

Q? What kind of escorts to you offer?

A: We offer a wide range of beautiful escorts. Customers can shop for blonde escorts, brunette escorts, or redhead escorts. They can choose from caucasian escorts, black escorts, Hispanic escorts, or Asian escorts. They can even select transgender and bisexual escorts. No matter what your preference, Girls Direct To You has an erotic companion that will turn your Las Vegas trip into the best time of your life. Find an escort to entertain you in Las Vegas in our Escort shopping section.

Q? How long will it take to get a girl to my hotel room?

A: Girls Direct To You strives to deliver a beautiful escort to your hotel room in Las Vegas within 30 minutes of the time you place your order. In most cases our escorts arrive in as little as 20 minutes. Pizza doesn’t come that fast, but our girls do. However, Las Vegas can be a busy town, especially during big trade shows or major events. So if your delivery time varies by a few minutes, please be patient. Our girls are worth the wait.

Q? What if I just want to know the price?

A. We list our prices for sending escorts to your hotel room to strip naked right on our website. We are the only Las Vegas escort service to post prices because like other agencies, we have nothing to hide. We believe an informed customer is a happy customer. If you’re still not sure after viewing the price or simply want to confirm the price before you order, you can call or chat with us online. The girls in our office get off by talking to customers.

Q? Is the price you quote all I have to pay?

A. Yes, the price we quote is all you have to pay to have an escort come to your room and strip naked for you. Girls Direct To You is unique in that it actually publishes prices. Other escort websites keep you guessing – a practice that can lead to nasty surprises. Just remember that your escort is providing a personal service just like your personal trainer or hair stylist. You tip the girl who blows your hair dry, so don’t forget to tip your escort.

Q? Why do you need my mobile phone number

A. We need your mobile phone number so we can contact you to confirm your reservation. We also need it in case your escort needs to call you in the event she can’t get past security to come upstairs to your room.

Q? Why do you need my last name and hotel room number?

A. You are requesting an adult-oriented service. We must make sure you are of legal age. The easiest way to do this is to confirm your hotel reservation because our local law says you must be of legal age to reserve a room in Las Vegas.

Q? Isn’t my mobile number enough?

A. While we do need your mobile number to complete your reservation, we still must have your hotel name and room number so we can call and confirm your accommodations and verify your age. Plus how else would our sexy escort find you?

Q? What if I don’t have a hotel room yet?

A. You need a hotel room at which your escort can meet and entertain you. Girls Direct To You is Las Vegas’ premier outcall escort service. Our beautiful ladies don’t work on the street. Plus you need a hotel room so we can confirm you are of legal age. If you don’t have a room yet, we can help you book one. Just let us know where you are and we’ll get you a price on a nice hotel close to your location.

Q? Will the hotel know who you are when you call?

A. Absolutely not. We simply call the hotel operator and ask if Mr. (your name) is staying in room (your room number.) We don’t say who we are and we don’t ask to be connected to your room. Once the operator confirms you are staying at the hotel, we thank them and hang up.

Q? What will you do with my personal information?

A. We take your privacy very seriously. We appreciate that you want to keep your adult entertainment choices to yourself. That’s why we don’t ask for your home address or take credit cards online or over the phone. Although we need your mobile number and email address to confirm your order, we keep that information strictly confidential and never share it. Unlike most other escort services, we have an official privacy policy you can review.

Q? How do I pay for my escort?

A. When your escort arrives at your hotel room, please be ready to pay for your reservation with cash or credit card. If you need to use a a credit card, your escort will accompany you down stairs to the casino and show you how to make an anonymous transaction using a Comcheck machine. That way there’s no way for your wife, girlfriend, or boss to identify the transaction.

Q? Do you accept credit cards?

A. While most of our clients prefer to pay cash, we do accept credit cards. However, for your security we don’t ask for credit card information in advance. If you wish to use a credit card, simply tell your escort immediately upon arrival at your hotel room. She will accompany you downstairs to the casino and show you how to make an anonymous transaction using a Comcheck machine. All the casinos have them. You can use any major credit card except American Express. Sorry, nobody in Las Vegas accepts AMEX.

Q? Will my escort come straight up to my hotel room?

A. Yes, your escort will come directly to your hotel room unless your hotel requires guests to scan a room key in the elevator. In such a case, your escort will call you and let you know where to meet her so you can meet and take her back to your room. Don’t worry: she’ll be very discreet.

Q? What if I don’t like the escort you send to me?

A. Girls Direct To You is the most reputable, longest operating outcall service in Las Vegas. We specialize in providing only the most beautiful escorts. We hand pick them to ensure they’re playmate quality. So we’re confident you’ll be thrilled with the escort who arrives at your door. But if for any reason you are not, simply turn her away. We’ll send you another escort immediately to ensure your satisfaction. It is all part of our official return policy – something you probably won’t find on other escort sites. Learn more about how to return a Las Vegas escort in our Terms and Conditions section.

Q? What will my escort do when she arrives?

A. Your escort will come to your hotel room, collect her appearance fee, then strip naked and dance for your personal entertainment. She may put some music on while she dances. She may even indulge in some dirty talk to get you excited – just like a stripper in a gentlemen’s club. But better because you’ll get the most personal and erotic entertainment experience in the privacy of your hotel room with no prying eyes watching you. Just remember, prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas.

Q? How long will my escort stay with me in my hotel room?

A. We never limit the time our escorts spend with clients. As long as you behave like a gentleman and your escort is comfortable, she may stay as long as it takes to ensure you have a wonderful time.

Q? Will my escort stay all night?

A. While we don’t limit the amount of time an escort will stay with you, this isn’t a slumber party. However, your escort will be in no rush to leave and will stay as long as it takes to show you a good time as long as you treat her well and behave like a gentleman.

Q? Are your escorts clean?

A. We only hire girls that we’d want to entertain us. Our escorts meet the highest standards for beauty, talent, trust, and cleanliness. But if you’re not sure or have a fear of germs that makes you wear Kleenex boxes on your feet like Howard Hughes, feel free to ask your escort to take a bath in your hotel bathroom. Just remember bubbles are extra.

Q? Are the photos on your website really the girls I’ll get?

A. Do you believe in Santa Claus? Of course not. Pictures depicting escorts on this website are stock images of commercial models closely approximating the actual appearance of the escorts represented. The reason we use stock images is simple: The use of stock images protects the privacy of our Vegas escorts. It also protects YOUR privacy by ensuring your hotel’s security doesn’t have a picture of your Las Vegas escort on file, making it easy to identify her AND what YOU’RE up to in the privacy of your room. Rest assured Girls Direct To You takes great care to match the images used to actual Las Vegas escorts we deliver to ensure you get the Vegas escort you desire. After all, if you don’t like the Las Vegas escort who arrives at your door, you can send her back and we’ll send you another until you are satisfied.

Q? Will your escorts entertain women?

A. Yes. We have a large number of bisexual escorts who absolutely love entertaining women alone or men and women together. Our girls are ready to swing which ever way you want to go. Shop for bisexual escorts now.

Q? Do you have shemale or transexual escorts?

A. If you’re ready to take a walk on the wild side, we have beautiful transgender Las Vegas escorts who are ready to strip naked and dance in your hotel room. Better still, with a tranny Las Vegas escort you get to see her extra parts at no additional charge. Shop for transgender escorts now.

Q? Do you provide escorts for bachelor parties?

A. Absolutely. Girls Direct To You is Las Vegas’ best source for strippers for your bachelor party. You can book as many escorts as you need online or call us so we can customize a bachelor party experience just for you and your friends. We have lots of sexy Las Vegas escorts who love to perform together or for groups.

Q? What do other customers think about your escort service?

We’ve been providing beautiful call girls for customers in Las Vegas for over thirty years. Our tenure alone should tell you that we’re good at what we do. But don’t take our word for it. Learn what actual customers say about Girls Direct To You escort service.

Q? Who are your operators?

Our staff of operators is comprised of sexy women, many of whom are Las Vegas escorts themselves. Our operators not only know all our Vegas escorts, they are also knowledgeable in all the erotic fantasies or fetishes our customers might wish to indulge. They’ll be happy to discuss you wants and desires and help you select the perfect Las Vegas escort. Our operators are trained to focus on customer satisfaction while maintaining the highest level of confidentiality. So feel free to tell them exactly what you want. Our operators are always ready to answer your questions and help you find the perfect Las Vegas escort for an erotic rendezvous. Just be patient if while discussing your desires, you start to hear some heavy breathing on the other end of the line. Girls will be girls and Girls Direct To You are the hottest.

Q? Who answers your chat line?

Our staff of sexy female operators answer phone calls and live chat sessions from our Las Vegas escort service offices just off the Las Vegas Strip.


Latest Las Vegas Escorts News

News About Las Vegas Escorts, Las Vegas Escort Services, Las Vegas Strippers, and More

February 22, 2015 – GirlsDirectToYou.com introduces one of our latest Las Vegas Escorts, Pantera, just in time for Desert Thunder, the motorcycle rally and classic car show at Palace Station. Pantera has the sexy curves of an Italian sports car with a high revving engine that’s all-American. College girl Pantera is sure to be one of our most in-demand Las Vegas escorts this weekend, so don’t wait to book this Vegas escort and arrange a weekend “rally” with her.

February 19, 2015 – Attendees at the CME Science Breast Imaging conference at Wynn are invited to examine the breasts of GirlsDirectToYou.com’s beautiful Las Vegas escorts. Since you’ll need more than one to verify your findings, take advantage of our TRICKORTREAT coupon code to get 10% off orders of two or more Las Vegas escorts.

February 18, 2015 – Nothing says convenience like online booking – especially when it gets you beautiful Las Vegas escorts. GirlsDirectToYou.com wants to let attendees of the National Association of Convenience Stores show in Las Vegas know they’re the only Las Vegas escorts service to offer the convenience of online booking, click to chat, and click to call.

February 17, 2015 – GirlsDirectToYou.com welcomes attendees of the National Association of Convenience Stores show in Las Vegas. In order to make hiring Las Vegas escorts convenient for NACS visitors, GirlsDirectToYou.com is adding extra Las Vegas escorts to its roster now through the weekend.

February 15, 2015 – GirlsDirectToYou.com introduces its newest Las Vegas escort, Ariel. This sexy college girl was voted the most likely to get naked at pool parties at UNLV. A self-professed lipstick lesbian, Ariel developed a reputation for making out with girls at frat parties. After finding the job market soft upon graduation, Ariel decided to put her bisexual and exhibitionist tendencies to work in the exciting world of Las Vegas escorts. As one of our newest Vegas escorts, Ariel specializes in performing private striptease shows for men and couples.

February 13, 2015 – GirlsDirectToYou.com welcomes attendees of PubCon at the Las Vegas Convention Center. PubCon is the premier conference for online marketers involved in search and social media. GirlsDirectToYou.com invites PubCon attendees to optimize their time in Sin City by getting social with its Las Vegas escorts.

February 10, 2015 – GirlsDirectToYou.com announced it will add extra Las Vegas escorts this week to help the Petroleum Marketers Association of America keep pumping during the Fall conference. The Petroleum Marketers are in Las Vegas in advance of the National Association of Convenience Stores show later this week. Together these two great organizations know a thing or two about a quick in and out.

February 8, 2015 – GirlsDirectToYou.com encourages attendees of the American Judges Association and Association of Bankruptcy Judicial Assistants to invite beautiful Vegas escorts to their hotel rooms where they can drop their robes and be judged as they perform private striptease shows. A Hillsboro Enterprises spokesperson said the company would normally offer a discount code for the judges, but they want to avoid any semblance of impropriety.

February 7, 2015 – GirlsDirectToYou.com announced it will have actual escorts working alongside its usual staff of perky female operators, answering the phones and responding to online chats in its offices tonight Saturday February 4 through Sunday morning February 5. The Las Vegas escort agency’s escorts will be on hand to answer questions about the Las Vegas escorts industry and arrange Vegas escorts for visitors attending conferences including CME4Life 2015 at Planet Hollywood, University Professional and Continuing Education Association at Westin, Realty 411 Las Vegas Real Estate Expo at Hampton Inn, and Western Union US FI Advisory Council at Caesars Palace.

February 5, 2015 – GirlsDirectToYou.com launched its first Las Vegas Escorts Coupon promotion featuring a 10% discount on any order of two or more Las Vegas escorts during the month of February. The Las Vegas escort agency’s Halloween special is designed to encourage seekers of Vegas escorts to enjoy twice the adult entertainment value at a discounted price. Customers seeking two or more Las Vegas escorts can use the promo code TRICKORTREAT during checkout to get their discount. GirlsDirectToYou.com is the only Las Vegas escort website that offers online booking as well as live chat and click-to-call – all designed to make hiring escorts in Las Vegas faster and easier than ever. Details of the Las Vegas Escort Coupon promotion are available here.

February 3, 2015 – Girls Direct To You introduces Las Vegas Escort Coupons. Starting in February, GirlsDirectToyYou.com will accept coupon discount codes on select Las Vegas escort reservations. The new functionality is exclusive to the GirlsDirectToYou.com Las Vegas escort service website. It will enable Las Vegas escort shoppers to enter their Las Vegas Escort Coupon code during check-out to reduce the amount due on delivery. Some discount codes for Las Vegas escorts will be published on the website as special offers, while others will be included in advertising, member email campaigns, or promotional cards distributed on the Las Vegas Strip. “Along with click-to-call, live chat, and true online reservations, our new coupon program is another way Hillsboro Enterprises and GirlsDirectToYou.com are leading the way in the field of Las Vegas escorts,” said a Hillsboro spokesperson.

February 1, 2015 – Girls Direct To You is pleased to welcome Ginger as one of its newest Las Vegas escorts. Ginger came to Las Vegas to audition as a showgirl for a topless revue on the Strip. She didn’t get the gig, so she started stripping in a strip club instead. After just a few weeks, Ginger decided to take her sexy striptease act out of the strip club and into your hotel room as one of our newest Las Vegas escorts. “Some of my friends teased me about being a cliche right out of the movie Showgirls,” said Ginger. “But once they found out how much fun I was having, they asked if they could join me and the other Vegas escorts at GirlsDirectToYou.” Meet Ginger, the latest addition to our catalog of Las Vegas escorts.